Driving mode with Google Assistant is introduced in Germany

A new feature. Makes its European debut in Germany during the Easter holidays Google Map Announced by Mountain View during Google I / O 2019, and will be available worldwide in the coming months: we note Help mode with Google Assistant.

Available for a few months in the United States, This feature is designed by Mountain View, to allow users to trust a valid assistant while driving and to have the information needed to reach the desired destination.

Driving mode with Google Assistant will be available in Germany tomorrow

The guide mode with Google Assistant has an interface designed to avoid distractions as much as possible and allows you to access music applications, messaging services and other applications that may be useful while traveling.

Of course, there is a great deal of integration Google Assistant, Which has been confirmed as the backbone of the entire ecosystem created by the Mountain View giant in recent years.

Here are some screenshots of driving mode with Google Assistant:

For easy selection while driving, a quick look is enough to notice that the interface is characterized by generously sized keys (intended to minimize potential distractions).

To enable this feature (which requires at least 4GB of RAM and a smartphone running Android 9 or higher), when available, go to the Google Help Settings menu (or use the appropriate voice command to open it) and enable dedicated section wizard mode.

This new feature Available in Germany from tomorrow And in the coming weeks Mountain View will be making its debut in other countries of the Old Continent. We will see.

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