Dubai: Emirates mobile check-in machines

Airline Fly Emirates Mobile check-in stations are set up at an airport DubaiThis is to reduce waiting time for passengers traveling from its main hub in the United Arab Emirates.

The Emirati company innovates by presenting 25 mobile check-in stations to

Dubai International Airport Terminal 3: The portable units, developed in the country, will be deployed in all the terminal’s check-in halls. From officers They will assist customers with checking in at these kiosks, weighing and marking their luggage, and providing them with their boarding pass. Once the labels are placed on the bags, baggage handlers will place them on a dedicated carpet for their aircraft. All check-in areas are equipped with a luggage scale. From Emirates employees It will also be located in each terminal to assist occupants and answer their questions.

passengers with 2 bags or less Travel in First Class, Business Class or Economy Class “will be encouraged to use this service, which will reduce times and queues at peak times,” confirms a press release.

Emirates has already launched an integrated biometric flight at Dubai International Airport, working closely with airport stakeholders. Thus the company was able to offer passengers a “unique contactless experience”. The smart tunnel It is thus the world’s first in terms of passport verification: travelers only have to go through the tunnel to be checked and approved by immigration services, without human intervention and without stamping their passports. The airline also offered other technology-based services, including meters Drop the self-service bag At Dubai International Airport, for a seamless and contactless experience.

We will continue to introduce new automated technologies and tools across all customer touch points. We are committed to constantly improving our services and providing our passengers with optimum satisfaction by facilitating the travel experience. Our new check-in kiosks are a step forward. Other initiatives based on technology and artificial intelligence will be rolled out soon. We are fortunate to be surrounded by partners who share a common vision: using digital and advanced technologies to improve our operations and customer experience. Said Adel Al Redha, Chief Operating Officer of Emirates Airlines.

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