Duel comparison: Nest Cam (Battery) vs. EZVIZ BC1-B2

The BC1 and Nest Cam (battery) both have a 2MP sensor, so they deliver Full HD recordings at best. It is also impossible to select another definition from Google, which generally offers lower video settings. Mountain View also offers only black and white night vision, while Ezviz, in addition to its required infrared LEDs, has projectors that allow color imaging even at night. An option that can help identify potential intruders, as it will allow to know even the color of their clothes, as well as to see their faces.

Ezviz BC1
Nest Cam (Battery)

Aside from the color night vision, both cameras are capable of delivering high quality images. The BC1 performs a little better during the day, but the Nest Camera (battery) makes up for it with infrared vision that makes it a little thinner and more uniform. We were also able to identify a person up to 4 meters in height in his photos, as opposed to 3 meters on those in the Ezviz camera. Motion detection is also more sensitive in Google. The 9m pass in front of the Nest Cam (battery) allowed it to operate while the BC1 struggled to detect movements at 6m already with its PIR sensor.

Ezviz BC1
Nest Cam (Battery)

Despite the Ezviz BC1’s additional options, there’s another round for the Nest Cam (battery) to win here.

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