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They were collected in just 48 hours 14 thousand companies Juventus and the Italian national team need captains Giorgio Cielini On the cover FIFA22.

A This address You can also participate in the collection of signatures.

New from a sensational victory at UEFA Euro 2020, Giorgio Cielini is really Canceled Some of the world’s most highly regarded strikers, such as Romelu Lukaku and Harry Kane. For this reason, Italian fans and FIFA 22 want the captain of the Italian national team to return on the cover.

In just 48 hours, the final target of 15,000 signatures was almost reached. “Respect ours Captain, Giorgio Cielini asks to put his famously pronounced big nose on the cover of FIFA 22. “Reads the page of the collection of signatures.

King Giorgio Cielini celebrates after winning the UEFA Euro 2020

Sielini, now 37, is already immortal Cover Ronaldinho and Kaka are FIFA 11 and FIFA 11 in FIFA 10, respectively. It will be the eleventh crown of a long and glorious life, with many hikes and very few moments of sport and human skating. A rude, goofy player on the football field, but always ready to smile.

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