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Destiny 2’s Queen of Whisperers is here, and Bungee has decided to tell us about this expansion, explaining that one of the goals is to make each mission feel like an installment of Star Trek or The Montalorian.

Through the PS blog, it is written: “One of the things I think has been done most brilliantly in the campaign is to create unique and memorable works,” says Andrew Hobbs, designer of the Destiny 2 Queen of Whispers. “This is one of our founding principles. We wanted every mission to feel more like an episode of a TV series like Star Trek or The Montorion than a movie that lives in pieces. Each mission must be instantly remembered for its own unique themes. In the middle of the story curve of the main campaign “.

Rule 2 The queen of gossip

Funky’s goal was to create “epic” moments during missions Rule 2 The queen of gossip. So, it seems that Bungie has chosen a specific style for this expansion. The Queen of Whispers is Destiny 2’s most anticipated DLC, so Funky hopes the final quality of the product will satisfy fans.

Recently, Funky asked fans to admit to cheating with cheaters in a questionnaire. The goal is to understand how much cheating they do and how to improve the game while The Queen of Whispers is being released.

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