Easter at Palio di Legnano is sweet with the colors of the region

The Easter Holiday Dependent Paleo Lignano It is sweet and affectionate. There are many initiatives to celebrate the holidays with the colors of their region and also support the commercial activities of the city.

The Contrada San Bernardino She decided to make the kids and adults happy with a greedy initiative: custom eggs in red and white. “Inside the eggs – Contrada tells us – which is available in both the darker and milky versions, the wonderful tools have been ‘hidden’ from the Contrada.

The Contrada San Magno I decided to collaborate with an ice cream shop in the center to wish all sorts a sweet and serene Easter with Artisan Columba, which is a metaphor for peace and sharing. And the invitation that extends throughout the country is to buy the pigeon produced in their neighborhood, and it is also a way to support the merchants and craftsmen in this difficult moment. An initiative to track the participation of city restaurants neighborhoods in fast food and lunch meals.

Until neighborhood San Domenico She chooses to customize the Easter egg with contrasting tools. A pastry shop in the area makes green and white eggs.

Easter with the colors of the region also a For Genarello Where eggs and bathrooms with contradictory paraphernalia were handed over to the homes of those who asked for them “so that there would be an Easter of peace and hope.”

The Contrada San Martino She organized Easter dinner on Sunday 28 March in cooperation with a restaurant in the area.

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Even those who haven’t organized the Easter initiatives still contemplate the next “surprise” for contradalioli in a spirit of solidarity to stay close to town. is being Flora, Which – which Saint Erasmo Ready in April to revitalize their business even if … from a distance.

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