EC CREATION expands to manufacture its own portable balconies

Founded in 2007 and headquartered in the Lyon region, EC Création designs and manufactures mobile pool and balcony enclosures. The company provides delivery, installation, and after-sales services for its equipment itself, thanks to its trained in-house teams. As for the distribution, it is carried out only by pool specialists.

New places dedicated to the manufacture of Styles DUO

The enclosure offer for the pool includes:

  • 6 low and mid-rise shelters, with the Elytis range: Ansea, Mianso, Basci, Mio, Mio R and Mianso R models (new in 2021);
  • Design containers, in the Aerys range, with 180 models, a stylish mid-rise enclosure to create a living space around the pool, and 020, a low, angled and telescoping pool enclosure, with an emphasis on discretion.
  • Mobile Balconies, with the Stilys range available in the classic, interlocking version, and the Stilys Duo, a custom-designed mobile gazebo from EC Creation with additional insulating protection with flexible PVC covering (new in 2022).

This 2022 novelty takes advantage of new buildings entirely dedicated to its manufacture.

Become a distributor for EC Creation mobile shelters and terraces

Becoming a partner of EC Creation allows swimming pool professionals to expand their offering, with a simple high-margin technical solution, providing a guarantee of safety and comfort of use for their clients.
They can count on the reliability of an experienced manufacturer / installer, who has mastered all stages from production to installation.
The company also offers them a suite of sales support tools, including documentation, point of sale, cost software, access to a professional space, etc.
Also at their disposal, support 3 salespeople, prepare technical and business training aimed at improving their sales.

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