Edge Chromium Canary: A new list of PDFs has been discovered

Microsoft regularly tests new functionality in its Insider channels before migrating them to the latest version of the browser.

FifthOr less than a week ago, Microsoft introduced several preview functions for the Chromium-based Edge browser. Now with version 90.0.793 another Edge preview has appeared in the so-called Canary Channel. It should especially satisfy the users who use Microsoft browser to view and edit PDF documents.

Edge: New miniature PDF menu

Anyone who opened a PDF document in Edge long ago was able to mark sections with a digital highlighter or insert comments. So far, you had to select the text segment first and then right-click it to open a context menu with the required functions. This was somewhat baffling, as it also has the usual functions for searching, printing, reading and rotating web pages in addition to the mentioned tools. From version 90.0.793 it is sufficient to highlight the text in the document. A miniature version of the regular context menu then appears, but only PDF-related functions copiesAnd the Highlight And the Add a comment it contains. Just one click More actions Show the previous full list.

If you want to try this, download the current beta version from Canary Channel. Don’t worry: you can use all available Edge versions ?? So, the public release (the “stable”) and the beta version, in addition to the “developer” and “canary” versions ?? Install and update in parallel.

Canary Edge: Exit Problems

Warning: Developer and Canary versions are still prior to initial release and are not bug-free. Obviously, there is a build creep bug 90.0.793 as well. This causes problems when the program is closed and the Windows reliability history is flooded with error messages. If you want to avoid problems and crashes on your computer, it is better to stick to the stable version of the browser.

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