EE, Vodafone and Sky bring back controversial fees, Three Mobile is next

If you’ve booked your summer vacation and are headed to countries like Spain, Italy, or France, you might want to check your smartphone contract. Some EE and Vodafone users – who have recently joined these networks or upgraded their existing plans – are already facing a fee of £2 per day for using their smartphones in the EU. Vodafone updated its terms in January and EE in March.

Currently, three customers can use their devices for free in more than 71 destinations, including the US and Australia, but users affected by the changes will see a £2 per day fee added when they are within the EU and £5 when heading away. .

The update will be effective from May 23 and will affect anyone who signed up for a new contract or upgraded their existing contract after October 1 last year.

A Three spokesperson further elaborated on the update, saying: “All customers who sign a new contract or upgrade with Three from 1 October 2021 will pay a £2 per day EU roaming fee from 23 May 2022. PAYG customers and customers who They entered into a contract before October 1, 2021 and are not affected by these changes.

“The new fee ensures that customers are clear about what they will pay when using their phones in another country and that only those who travel will pay for the service. It will also ensure that we can continue investing in our UK network.”

This is the news from EE, Vodafone, Sky Mobile and Three, but what about O2?

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This company does things a little differently with its customers now restricted to a fair use policy, which means they must not exceed 25GB of data when outside the UK.

Once this allowance is used, a charge of £3.50 for each additional 1GB will be billed – as an example of how much this costs, a Full HD movie is around 4GB, so a night in front of a movie would cost £14.

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