Eicma, an Enduro e-bike signed by Valentino Rossi in 46 units

VR booth | The 46 new Terra Limited Edition showcases the Pedal Assisted e-bike, designed in Italy for the much-needed Enduro, with an aluminum frame and a Bosch performance CX line motor with 85 Nm of torque and a 750 Wh battery. Only 46 copies were produced

The summary contains the signed plan Valentino Rosie Sees the world of Enduro in one form or another Electric bike Pedal help blending future design, advanced technologies, “racing” geometry and a sophisticated machine. Exposed Eicma 2021Held at Fiera di Rho-Milano until Sunday 28 November, new VR46 Terra Limited Edition, Produced in 46 copies in conjunction with MT Distribution. The Enduro e-bike represents the best model in a range VR46 Terra ProAvailable from early 2022.

VR46 Terra: Project

Following the announcement at the Italian Bike Festival in Rimini in September 2021, as a result of the collaboration between VR46 and MT Distribution based in Bologna, the first electric pedal assist bicycle made between Tavullia and Bologna was shown to the public at Eicma in Milan. A proposal is divided into two models: the limited edition VR46 Limited Edition, and the Pro version, with several components in common (prices not released). The 6061 – T6 hydroformed aluminum frame on the bi-suspension e-bike has been studied and designed in Italy and focuses on design and off-road characteristics, especially in terms of geometry, adapted to technical descent and “pedalability” upwards as required. Among the “secrets” is the “flipchip” system mounted on the fulcrum under the shock absorber, which, in fact, allows you to change the shape of the biker geometry from the whole mountain to the enduro type e-bike (below). The bracket is reduced to 12 mm and the steering angle is changed from 65.5 to 64.5).

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VR46 Terra Engine and Technologies

The VR46 Terra e-bikes are equipped with the latest generation Bosch performance CX line motor, which is 250 watts and has a maximum torque of 85 Nm and a range of over 100 kmph along with a 750 Wh battery. The e-bike is mated to a 27.5-inch rear wheel and a 29 ” front wheel, paired with Pirelli Scorpion E-Mtb tires to facilitate a smooth and smooth ride. The front fork has a 160mm ride, while the Ohlins Ttx 22M 205x65mm Central Shock Absorber stands out in premium features. The transmission is electronic with a 12-speed Sram GX Eagle Ax gearbox.

Veronica Tucker

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