Electromagnetic pulses: 3×2 on clothing and video game items!

Let’s take a short break from our sample tech presentations to update you on your latest initiative Electromagnetism runningVideo game themed clothing and gadgets, Which will allow you to do so Receive for free One of the many elements included in this selection. Joining the initiative is simple, all you have to do is choose 3 out of the many products offered by EMP, and once in the shopping cart, the lowest priced item will be 100% automatically deducted, but faster because this initiative Ends today!

Since this is a video game offering, you’ll find some of the most popular franchises ranging from Super MarioAnd the League of LegendsAnd the the magician And also some great classics from the past like Tetris, With some proposals that could become excellent Gift ideas To be used on the occasion of Father’s Day. As we expected, most of the articles involved are in this selection ClothesIn most cases, including models for both men and women with sizes ranging from s Even XXL. The choice of products is very wide, in fact you will find it SweatshirtsAnd the T-shirt And even night dress Like those with beautiful imagination PikachuIt consists of a short-sleeved T-shirt and comfortable shorts with elastic.

Eli statue

To make this Euro-Mediterranean Partnership Initiative more substantial and diversified, the broad choice of Action figure, Such that Eli With a bow, a 20 cm high PVC statue depicts the girl as she appeared in Our Last – Part Two Complete with bow, arrows and a solid base for added stability. Then me too Funko Pop!, With many proposals available in modular format and in that MaxiMany home accessories such as Lamps And even a set of branded coffee cups Play Station.

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Electromagnetism He created a very attractive promotional ad, video game fans definitely can’t resist! It is for this very reason that we are proposing to you Visit the full proposal articles on EMP, So that you can find the one that best suits your taste. The last thing we want to do before you leave in EMP’s digital dressing rooms is to remind you again to subscribe to our site Four Telegram channels are dedicated to showsYou will be kept informed of the latest offers related to TechniqueAnd the hardwareAnd the smart phone And products ChineseAnd the Come on Huawei e Xiaomi. If you are looking for discount coupons to use with your purchases, take a look at our discount codes page.

Our selection of products

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