Elne: The meteor that hit the caravan was just a pebble

gravel? meteor? Or what else? A couple of Iberians are still wondering what it is that smashed the roof of their mobile home in a storm overnight from Tuesday to Wednesday.

Eric and Lucette still don’t understand. During the night of Tuesday 23rd to Wednesday 24th November, they wake violently into a full sleep. It was barely half past one in the morning, and a storm was blowing over their isolated caravan on the ground between Elne and Villeneuve-de-la-Raho. “There was an incredible noise. We saw a ball of fire. The ceiling lights fell, the closet doors opened, and the mobile home shook like an earthquake,” Witnesses still annoys the sixty-year-old.

“not finished”, He insists, wandering around his house. “As soon as we opened the bathroom we noticed the damage,” He indicates. “The roof is open, smashed, punctured, and under the sink is cut to pieces.” There is no doubt that the crockery is just a memory and the water is still gushing from the ruined ceiling.

“A kilo of what?”

“We found this in the shattered pelvis,” Eric offers. “It looks like a meteorite. We searched online, it looks.” Eric even weighed this gray and green “pebble”, with light silver reflections, broken in two by shock: “Bail-Bail-Kilo”.

“A kilo of what?” , Lucette insists, “To make this noise and this fear.”

So the Independent sought to find out. First contact, OVNI 66 site. An ardent astrologer who examines and deciphers all these types of unknown events in the sky of the Pyrenees – Orientales. Doubt is right. Contact, Miguel Montargue, astronomer Perpignan, refers to Sylvain Boule, president of the Astronomical Society of France. The academic observes from a distance the e-mailed photos of the object from all angles. Without comment, the judgment shall be overturned: “I don’t know what happened that night, but, anyway, the pebble in the photo is not a meteorite. You can see the vegetation on the pebble. The time when the pebble is on the ground.” The end of the hypothesis continues the mystery…

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