Emotional chaos in EM in Gosens – confirmation by Löw

Hope is high again: the 4-2 win over Portugal puts the German Football Association in a good position.

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Renew quickly now. Gosen’s discovery of EM wants to spawn many mobile congratulations. The 4-2 draw against Portugal restored faith in their strength and enthusiasm.

Munich (dpa) – The mood on the late evening return flight from Munich to EM Camp in Herzogenaurach was of course much better this time on the two buses. Relief instead of a brood. Confirmation rather than doubt.

Enjoy four goals against European champions Portugal instead of being frustrated by Mats Hummels’ own goal against world champions France. “We created a lot of good chances and our pace was very good. We beat the Portuguese in defense several times. Victory is also quite OK in terms of length,” said Joachim Loew with satisfaction. The national coach was also a big winner in the 4-2 win over Portugal.

double special target

The double goal from Robin Dias (35th minute) and Rafael Guerrero (39), in addition to the wonderful goals played by Kai Havertz (51) and newcomer in the tournament Robin Goossens (60), who participated in all four goals. Not only has he fundamentally changed the starting position of the German national football team ahead of the group wrap-up for this European Championship against Hungary on Wednesday, but it has also stopped the debate over tactics and personnel selection for the national coach in its final tournament.

“It was important for us that after the losing game against France, we did not get rid of everything, but stuck to our streak,” said Champions League winner Havertz, who showed a different and happy face like many of his teammates on the Munich field. TV. For Germany it was their fifth consecutive Grand Slam win against Portugal. Cristiano Ronaldo’s first goal against Al-Ittihad remained a marginal phenomenon.

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“We are here now”

“Now we are here,” Mats Hummels said on Instagram, “What a fantastic evening of football with the atmosphere and well deserved success.” First and foremost, Löw can personally feel like a winner. Critics accused the 61-year-old of stubbornness as he stuck to the three-man defensive chain and Joshua Kimmish on the right flank in his second championship game. “We trust the coach, we trust the system. That is why we are so happy we won the match today,” Havertz said. Now they can even win the set again, one point against Hungary that guarantees a place in the last 16.

Löw’s plan worked with Gosen’s ex-championship spotting and Kimmich, who was reluctant to move to the right, perfectly. “Both of them deliberately played better in attack than against France. That is why we often played in the back of the defense, with very good passes there, with changes in the game,” Loew said. “That is why we were more dangerous. They both did a great job.”

Gooseins: “Emotional chaos”

The 26-year-old could not believe his luck. “An indescribable emotional mess, I miss more than one person,” he described his emotional world. His mobile phone “exploded,” the left wing reported: “I put it to one side, I’m glad so many called me.” Arrange it.

At Herzogenaurach, players must renew first on Sunday. Mats Hummels (Patellar tendon problems again), Ilkay Gundogan (Muscle problems after a calf blow) as well as Josens (Adjunctors) will receive extensive treatment from the medical department. “But I don’t think it is anything exciting. If all goes well, we will be able to do it again by next week,” said the national coach.

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Love sees no reason for early complacency. “The next opponent is there. The Hungarians showed, with a 1-1 draw against France, that they are not safe.” We have now won. this is beautiful. We have it in our hands. He immediately went on to say: ‘Now we have to go up against Hungary. “

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