ESC 2021: Most-played songs on YouTube and Spotify

The Eurovision Song Contest presents itself as a very colorful event year after year. There is usually at least one song for each person that hits the right nerve and causes restless legs and arms. But what’s the most popular song actually? Is it one of the very strong contributions from Sweden? Or rather violinist Alexander Rybak from Sweden, bordering Norway? But maybe also disco Paul Verka Serduchka from Ukraine with “Dancing Lasha Tumbai” and strange lines like “Seven, Seven, ai lyu-lyu / seven, seven, one, two / seven, seven, ai lyu-lyu / one, two three “? But it is also possible that loud Nita from Israel with her “toy” and her waving gold cats invade your heart or the overtly Polish contribution “My Slowianie – We Are Slavic” from Donatan and singer Cleo, who looks so deep in the eyes (and slit) of the disguised washing machine.

ESC Arrangement: From Cyprus to Sweden

Combined streams from YouTube and Spotify showed Eleni Foureira from Cyprus ranked 10th with her song “Fuego”, putting it in rating Creates. Their total streams are over 122 million when you add YouTube and Spotify. At ESC, the Greek singer of Albanian origin ranked second in 2018. In the ninth place for France, the Israeli-French singer Amir comes with “J’ai Cherche” with about ten million other songs. Shortly before that, France’s from Sweden was ranked eighth with the song If I Were Sorry. When he sang in 2016, he was only 17 years old. With no fewer than 169 million streams, Swede Manz Zilmerlau took seventh place with “Champions”. A song from 1974 that also reached the rating. As one of the most successful orchestras in music history, Aba should of course not be missed. The Swedish pop group ranked sixth with “Waterloo” with around 185 million streams.

ESC Ranking: From Italy to …

In a very good midfield, the Italian trio, Il Volo, with the help of Grande Amore. Nita from Israel has about a million other streams – in fact – with “the game”. About 224 million people watched the performance on YouTube or listened to it on Spotify. So that wasn’t enough for the popular winner’s podium. But Italy again occupies the next two places. Bronze went to Francesco Gabbani and “Occidentali’s Karma”, and silver went to Mahmud with “Soldi”. 353 million people were interested in the former “X-Factor” participant, who had to pack his bags there in the third week. Dutchman Duncan Lawrence won first place with the song “Arcade”. With nearly 367 million streams, the winner for 2019 also emerged as a shining winner in the popularity rating.

By the way: Our editors will tell you in a great public article where you can watch the Grand Final of the Eurovision Song Contest 2021 live on May 22, 2021.
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