eSIM: the alternative to the SIM card

Registration via QR code

Lorenz Bücklein explains how a QR code works: “You then scan it with your smartphone. This is how the network operator data is transferred to the card permanently installed in the device, that is, the eSIM on it.”

However, so far, the eSIM required for this purpose has only been installed in a handful of devices. Mostly as an add-on in smartphones, which also have a classic plastic SIM card slot, says Marleen Frontzek-Hornke of “The eSIM is mainly found on high-end models or high-end mid-range smartphones. You can find it there. Apple especially has a large number of devices that support eSIM. All new models support eSIM. ”

More common in the future

However, in the next few years, more and more cheap smartphones with an integrated eSIM will be delivered. In the medium term, the additional classic plastic SIM card slot can then be deleted. After all, in appliances, the column takes up a relatively large space.

With them Smart watchWristwatches with an integrated cellular module, for example, Samsung and Apple actually work without the extra classic SIM slot.

Watches only have an eSIM built in. However, mobile service providers are still a bit behind in introducing an eSIM. If you have a traditional 24-month mobile contract, you will usually get the appropriate QR code with relative ease to activate an eSIM on your phone.

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