Eternity – Sam Barlow lifts the veil in his next match

Sam Barlow He is one of the creators of games on the sidelines. Technically first, because his latest game is in FMV (Full Motion Video), but also because he has a special vision of the narrative. And that’s the wonderful thing about his work.

In Telling Lies, his latest title, we explore keyword-to-keyword excerpts from video to try to piece together the narrative puzzle ourselves. When the game begins in its final sequence – without knowing exactly what motivates it – there is no cinematic that reveals the word of the end. In our minds the movie was put in order…or not. We can also run a second round to confirm what we think we have understood by trying to detect other impulses.

Long before the Elden Ring, and with a completely different device, Sam Barlow He offered us to tell our story ourselves. And if we summon the author today, it is because the good news, Next game Sam Barlow It was just introduced during the first trailer.

The game is called Immortality He invites us to search for the missing actress Marisa Marcel, through clues that would have been planted in her three films, never to be revealed. Moreover, the trailer makes us understand that perhaps a drama could have taken place on the set of one of these films… A story that clearly makes us think about the great works in “Cursed films such as the excellent novel The Dark Conspiracy (Blink), by Theodor Roszak Or a Master of Horror episode directed by John CarpenterCigarette burns.

Under the “interactive movie trilogy”, we understand that The game will use gameplay elements from Telling Liesbut instead of using keywords to move through movie clips, we’ll move from scene to scene using repeating patterns. Immortality It doesn’t have a release date yet, but it’s been announced for this summer on PC and Xbox Series X (and first day on Game Pass). In the meantime, Telling Lies is still available on Game Pass, and you can read the logs Sam Barlow Every month in Edge magazine. This month, he also conjures up between the lines Immortality

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