European Film Festival: Workshop on “Acting” 95% successful

The purpose of the workshop on “Acting”, Jason Golomini was pleased to “mail from Kinshasa”, had to use his talent to “To train the future generation of actors.” “I think the job was done as it should be”, He said. this is, “Confirmed by our test results”A few hours before training ended, Jason Golomini said May 28. In fact, the day before, the coaches simulated a selection that was made for all the trainees. “The actors took the scripts they learned by heart, and absorbed them. In the comeback, they gave their best, the true film actors deserved. We are proud to have succeeded by 95% assured that the generation that will succeed us will be worthy of Congolese cinema. You will surely represent him everywhere in the scientist “Jason said.

He explained that the training is carried out in stages, starting with theory and then practical exercises. “We talked about the difference between a theater actor, a television actor, and a film actor, and we discussed each of their peculiarities,” He explained: “Many bring a theatrical game back to the cinema while acting in cinema requires one to be as natural as possible. The performance of the actor must resemble reality. In the theater it is natural to exaggerate because the actors find themselves facing the audience, they have to draw their attention to them, be able to to please them.. For a good cinematic practice, Jason insisted, “It’s important to know how to make that difference while playing.”

Transfer the necessary concepts

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Furthermore, the actor said, “In television, it is usually the happy medium between theater and cinema. Exaggeration in cinema as in television is desired by the director. Only at his behest can the actor act excessively at a given moment, but usually the film actor must be as natural as possible. Also, during the workshop, “We gradually saw how an actor could stand on stage, how he could improvise. The way an actor had to be able to really develop his character in his head before he played, before he was released, and presented to the audience. It was our job to accompany them to make that happen, to pass on to them the concepts necessary to achieve this »Jason Curtis Golomini continued. A partial view of the workshop participants (Adiac)

He said he was glad to see that “The representatives attended the workshop with the idea of ​​learning and knowing more about the job”. This, though “Some are already working, in the professional world, others are students at the National Institute of Art”. A bad reputation is something that actors have earned. “We are already very visible on the stage. We see more than others on small screens, in cinemas, because of our association with many productions”, He remembers. For many young actors, it seemed important, he said, “To take advantage of the opportunity to get close and inspire ideas”. In the end, convinced to give it what he could, Jason shared his conviction to deliver the blow. “I think the workshop went very well. They were able to get something.”is done.

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“Acting” training, which began on May 23, for an author audience “Between forty-two and thirty-five participants”Jason said. Since the quarantine on the first day, after withdrawals for reasons of illness in particular, the number of participants was reduced by a few people to this workshop that was organized with the aim of preparing the next generation of the current generation, some of whom are distinguished. Well and who, like coaches, has proven himself internationally.

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