Evil Genius 2: World Domination – A new sandbox mode and collector’s releases have been announced

Intuitive improvisation is the secret of genius. And the best kind of genius is evil. Therefore, sandbox mode appears in Evil Genius 2: World Domination – Free and at launch.

Build a bunker without worrying about how the campaign will go or open things up – or how little logical design is. For example, players can fill floors with dozens of pinball traps and watch enemy agents jump nonstop. Or build the first evil headquarters without walls. Or turn all the hallways into a silly maze. everything is possible! For players who want the freedom to create the sinister base of their dreams and other people’s nightmares, Sandbox is perfect.

Deluxe Edition and first season

For the super villain who must have everything, we present it Evil Genius 2 Deluxe Edition, € 59.99. This base game, Season Pass One, includes the items “Fountain of Youth” and “Trojan Horse”, as well as the “Aurora Borealis” bonus item.

Season Pass One gives players access to all content from Season 1 of Evil Genius 2Once available; This includes one campaign pack, two minions packs, two minions packs, and a hideout item pack. More details about the first season of Evil Genius 2, Which contains both paid and free content, will be announced shortly before launch.

Just like the Standard Edition, Evil Genius 2 The Deluxe Edition can be pre-ordered at 10% or 15% off if players already own Evil Genius on Steam.

The Evil Genius 2 Collector’s copy

Press materials for Evil Genius 2 The whole version of gib es Here.

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Today the collector’s version of Evil Genius 2 Unveiled, which includes a limited edition of the vinyl character Maximilian.

The Max statue shows the iconic mastermind Evil Genius 2 On his throne in his den. There is also the official Evil Genius magazine, where the background of the popular series is presented with interviews with the developers, profiles of geniuses and a summary of new features. It also includes new comics with the Four Geniuses and their followers and followers.

Content from Evil Genius 2 Collector’s version:

  • Steam switch for Evil Genius 2: World Domination
  • Steam key for Season Pass One
  • Statue of Evil Genius Maximilian Fennell
  • A printed copy of the official Evil Genius magazine

The official Evil Genius magazine is also present Shop rebellion Available. More information at EvilGeniusGame.com

The Evil Genius 2 Collector’s Edition will be released around the same time Steam launches Evil Genius 2: World Domination, at € 84.99. Pre-orders are now available Shop rebellion Available.

Six weeks until Judgment Day

at Evil Genius 2 Players can live their dream of playing the villain role. In secret hideouts on exotic islands, loyal henchmen and powerful thugs are recruited and trained to remove al-Qaeda from the clutches of justice and world domination.

There are four evil geniuses, four unique campaigns, three islands, many new chambers, minions, agents and traps to choose from. Evil Genius 2 It will be released on March 30, 2021 on Steam, for € 39.99.

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