Exit times, terminations and specials are indicated by a well-known leaker – Nerd4.life

Nintendo has recently started distributing Switzerland’s OLED model, but rumors have it that Kyoto is planning to release a new model. Nintendo Switch2. A liqueur is talking about it now Exit time, exclusion and termination.

First, let us recall that there have been discussions for some time around the most powerful model. Recently, despite my denial of the American news report, Bloomberg was one of the media outlets that spoke extensively about it. Now, however, the well-known leak Nate Drake Reveals various details.

Nintendo Switch OLED

It has been explained that the Japanese company is planning an actual Nintendo Switch 2 or Nintendo Switch 4K: depending on how the marketer wants to deliver the product. What is important is that the device must be supported 4K, but with DLSSSo, do not own. This will be a real new console It does not apply backwards With Switch 1 games due to lack of various hardware and TX1. However, there are different ways to deal with the problem, depending on Nintendo’s preferences.

In terms of growth, it seems that the big developers already have Devkit Of this model from 2020, smaller teams get it this year. Various teams make exclusives for the Nintendo Switch 2, but the porting of various console games already available on the PlayStation and Xbox is also in production. Developers are expected to finish creating the games by the end of 2022, but that doesn’t mean those games will be released by that time.

What a worry Exit period In this Nintendo Switch 2, we are talking about the end of 2022 and the beginning of 2023: the reference period is 6 months wide because production issues do not allow us to clearly define when the consoles will be ready for sale at this time. .

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As always, keep in mind that we are talking about rumors, even if the reports are correct, it may be dated information or over time Nintendo may change its approach to the potential Nintendo Switch 2.

In the meantime, we can enjoy the Nintendo Switch OLED: Here are 10 games to stay on the new screen.

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