Experience the past in the present

Experience the 15th century Meissen Albrechtsburg castle. Well, this seems very old. The technology in Albrechtsburg is not old. On the contrary, you can experience it with the latest technology from the AR and 3D region and embark on a virtual journey through time through the oldest castle in Germany.

Interactive Discovery Tour with HistoPad

HistoPad is an interactive tablet that, with the help of Augmented Reality (AR) and 3D technology, brings the history of the castle as close as possible and brings it to life. Anyone who has not yet been able to imagine anything specific about this is now learning.

“Augmented reality,” as one might phrase it in German, complements analog real life with virtual content. The user perceives the real environment through technical devices, such as smartphones or tablets and often also special glasses, but also receives visual content, for example three-dimensional representations, which are then placed in the room.

He asked Meißen.Lokal Albrechtsburg Castle in Meissen. All exciting information and knowledge about HistoPad can be found here.

How it all started…

Where did the idea for HistoPad come from?

“The idea to introduce HistoPad in Albrechtsburg came from the General Manager, Dr. Striefler. He knew there was such a HistoPad in France at Chambord Castle. The first personal contact with Histovery was made at ITB in Berlin. Planning for HistoPad in Albrechtsburg began in late summer 2019, Concrete work began in the fall and was officially released to the public in early August 2020.

How was this new kind of museum visit received?

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“Reviews on HistoPad from visitors are very good! Guests who have not heard of the new technology before are interested and use the new method of communication. HistoPad provides a good opportunity to highlight the past in different eras. Children love the treasure hunt and the portrait function.”

How does HistoPad work?

What functions are available to the user?

“In addition to the treasure hunt and the selfie function, there are nine time portals that take visitors on an unforgettable journey back in time to the 15th century. Thanks to augmented reality, 3D presentations and high-resolution images, visitors can discover the architecture of Albrechtsburg Castle and learn more about the many possible uses of the castle and hidden details. With the help of the interactive map, visitors can navigate through the halls and rooms.”

Is HistoPad’s functionality constantly expanded and updated?

“Yes, Histopad will be revised after it has been running for a year. Technical and user related issues should be resolved, visitor requests should be taken into account as much as possible, existing things improved and new functionality added too. Desire for new time portals.”

HistoPad shows the original furnishings of the Great Court Chamber, according to the original. © Albrechtsburg Castle in Meißen

Can every visitor use HistoPad? How many are available?

“Yes, the HistoPad is suitable for everyone, but it is recommended for visitors aged 8 and over. A total of 180 panels are available in 10 languages. There is a function with audio output for people with visual impairments and a version for people with limited mobility.”

Brief look

What digital projects are planned in addition to HistoPad in the near future?

“Meissen Albrechtsburg Castle is currently being 3D scanned, so a virtual visit to the castle will be possible soon.”

Stay exciting!

So far every weekend From From Friday to Sunday Albrechtsburg Castle can be visited in Meissen. Still no idea about the upcoming weekend? Then step out of everyday life and take a little trip back in time!

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