Experience: YouTube is no longer showing the dislike number

If YouTube receives positive reviews, users will soon not see how many likes the video it received.

sFor years, YouTube has suffered from so-called “mob hate,” that is, with groups often giving negative reviews to a video on the platform for no reason. Rarely is the focus on the contribution itself, but rather on aversion to the person or company. And although the problem has long been known and producers regularly complain about it, the video platform operators haven’t done anything about it yet. But that is changing now: Like YouTube on the SMS service Twitter Advertise, The company is currently testing various designs that would put an end to ‘mob hate’.

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Experience: No. I disliked is no longer visible

Strictly speaking, only one small detail has changed with the new designs: in the future, the number of negative reviews will only be visible to the product behind the video in question. However, the button must remain the same, with which clips can be rated negatively. Perhaps the goal is to deny “mob hate” the motivation for their actions. Because if the number of negative reviews is no longer visible to other users, it wouldn’t make sense for groups to invest their time in them.

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YouTube: The first exams will start soon

YouTube is primarily concerned with the health of the video makers. Officials have heard from many of those affected that the dislike of the public has a negative effect on their well-being. Whether or not the operators of the Alphabet Group video platform will succeed will be shown in upcoming tests with small groups of users. It will also depend on whether YouTube brings change across the board.

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