Facebook paves the way for Oculus Quest subscription services

Claimed by a few studios, subscription services have been integrated into the Oculus Quest ecosystem. What does this mean, exactly? We make it clear to you.

Take a game like The Climb 2, buy it and get access to all of its content, which is offered free content afterwards or at worst can be added in the form of a paid DLC. Either way, it’s not a regular follow-up game; And don’t add monthly or even weekly content. This model (buy the game then any DLC) is just as applicable and requires no special conditioning.

But what is applicable to both the game and the studio, it may not be available to everyone. Some want to keep their game alive for the long term rather than move to developing another title. That’s why Facebook is now offering subscriptions as a potential business model

Oculus Quest subscription services

Without going into detail, some games become services. It is for the FitXR (former BoxVRWhich previously sold for around thirty euros. It is now “free” for 7 days, then requires a monthly subscription of around € 10. This gives access to daily classes organized by real fitness tutors. If you previously purchased the game, don’t worry, all access to the game will be preserved and you don’t need to subscribe to be able to play it; Unless you want to take advantage of new and premium content.

So far, 6 applications are using this new economic model: FitXRAnd the Rick’s roomAnd the The XR tribeAnd the TrippAnd the v spatial And the VZfit ; What we told you in a previous article. Offers vary by titles and you can refer to them This post is on the Oculus Blog Get all the details for each. Some subscriptions simply give you access to premium content, while others require a subscription to use it. Of course, as mentioned above, Some games do not bother to switch in the form of subscriptions This principle will be reserved specifically for Oculus Quest “service games”.

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