Facing the Free Mobile antenna, a collective group tries to change the minds of the monks

Facing the Free Mobile antenna, a collective group tries to change the minds of the monks

Mass is said but opponents of the free antenna do not drop the case.

One third of the population is free. Currently, the operator is touring with Orange, but that will stop at the end of 2022. So Free is pushing to create its own network.”, explained in February Frederic Taub, Deputy Mayor of Solsmis. In this city of 4000 inhabitants located in the province of the North, the operator plans to install a 30-meter tower of the fourth and fifth generation on the land belonging to the Abbey of Saint-Pierre.

But several weeks ago, the group didn’t hear it this way, not least by launching a petition that has already collected 315 signatures. Having handed it over last Saturday to the mayor, the convent sent letters to the monastery, which gave its approval to the operator. Some even went to meet the monks, and Father Duval (the town councilor) to try to get them to change their minds.

The first Free Mobile project collapsed in 2019 at the disposal of the townspeople, but this group was far from imagining that the project had not been abandoned. “After the relay antenna and biogas unit, why not use the wind turbine while we are at it”had released a member, two months ago, in the lines of western France, denouncing a business venture Their sole purpose is not to cover a white area, but to sell 4G and 5G. Opponents suggest building this site “On the other side of the road and roundabout where it would be less visually impactful.” It remains to be seen if Free Mobile will decide to conduct a third study within 3 years.

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source: West of France

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