Faith. A party of games under the sun and cool

sudden origin. Big wooden toys, a bicycle cart and baby carriages reflected on the star of the Toy Festival in Foua on Saturday 11 June. water mirror. “This is modernity and big allure,” smiles Natalie Eschen, director of the Center for Sport, Culture and Solidarity in the conglomerate of the country of Vaux-Varelles.

Children and adults dipped their feet there to cool off in the generous sun. Around them, in the front yard of the pool, are several play areas. Others are still in the aquatic center. “We want all audiences to be there, and there to be something for everyone. We can all gather in the same place,” said Arnaud Delcroix, head of the Ferrières and Varilhes games libraries.

The event was held indoors – in the media library, pool, cultural center, or youth center – and outdoors – in the skate park, in front of mountain pastures or in the front yard of the aquatic center. They welcomed smiling faces, rooms and faces focused on one goal: to win.

The range of activities was wide: video games in the youth center, sensory space for younger children in the media library, reading in media or a workshop on environmental construction with the Écorce association. Arnaud Delcroix added: “The escape game that he designed and for the kids has been very successful.”

About fifteen employees from the conglomerate – plus Paajip, Écorce and Francas du pays de Foix – made this event possible. “We meet, we play together and we share,” the games librarian summed up.

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