FCC Unveils New S27 Portable Speaker

A new Sonos amplifier appeared at FCC. The S27-rated device is as portable as the Sonos Move.

Sonos S27 – Portable Exposed Speaker

Sonos could introduce a new speaker soon. A portable model named S27 has now appeared at the FCC certification body. Of course, you can’t derive a loudspeaker directly from the name, but you can see a structure in stored test reports where the Test Object (EUT) is drawn with a wireless charging station. So it indicates a device that should go in the direction of the Sonos Move.

So whether we see the Sonos Move 2 or maybe the Sonos Move Mini here, we’ll probably only discover it through Sonos’ official presentation. In any case, the new device is equipped with Bluetooth and WIFI, which also supports the Sonos Move theory.

If there is more news about this soon, I’ll keep you informed of course!

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