Few people know this perfect plant for a porch with spectacular fruits that will resist for months

Summer is over, temperatures are dropping and days are shorter. Everything around us is changing. The colors become darker, less intense, and the garden summer flowers fade.

But really, if you find the right plants to withstand the cold, we can get colorful gardens and balconies even in winter. For example, we can cultivate This unusual plant with flower bloom, Or to make the outdoor space unique and specific This plant blooms in the rain.

Few people know this perfect plant for a porch with spectacular fruits that will resist for months

Today at ProiezionidiBorsa we would like to propose to our readers, this is a specific and generally winter plant, which gets the name Nertera granadensis.

Unfortunately, few are aware of this perfect plant for the arcade, which has spectacular fruit that can withstand a few months. Nerdera is a very ornamental and evergreen small plant that is ideal for decorating balconies and gardens. It has intertwined stems, small bright green leaves and obscure flowers that bloom in June.

But what amazes this little plant is its fruits. Pearl-like rounded berries, inedible, which can last for many months. Their color depends on the type selected, but they are usually red or orange.

This is how it is grown

Nerdera is a very primitive plant that loves light and air. However, it fears that direct exposure to sunlight will damage its leaves. A plant that prefers temperate climates, not cold temperatures. In fact, if grown in pots, remember to move it to a shelter or place it indoors in the winter.

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Irrigation will continue in spring and summer and watering will be significantly reduced in winter. Remember to avoid water stagnation that can damage the roots.

Fast growing plant that requires fertile, sandy and well drained soil. In summer we mix natural fertilizer based on nitrogen, potassium and phosphorus in the irrigation water. Also, it requires little maintenance, which is enough to remove dry areas.

Dangerous diseases

Nerdera can be infected by parasites and Aphids This slows down its growth and makes it undesirable. To remove them, use natural or chemical pesticides. If the leaves turn dark, they may have been burned by the sun, while the plant withers and withers, we gave it some water.

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