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Can’t contact FF14 this Tuesday 24 August? This is normal, maintenance is in progress!

This Tuesday, August 24, it will be impossible to contact Final Fantasy 14 For several hours! In fact, maintenance will take place in all game worlds, preventing all players from accessing the game at that time. This maintenance should allow patch 5.58 to be applied!

that it From 3 in the morning until 12 in the afternoon. The French time when the game is not normally accessible. However, this time may be modified, depending on whether or not this maintenance is done. Not all worlds will be available, which means that no player will be able to access the game no matter where you play from.

FF14 maintenance, unable to connect

August 24, 2021, From 3 a.m. to 12 p.m. French time, a Maintenance of all worlds It takes place in Final Fantasy 14, which prevents all players from accessing the game. During this maintenance:

  • The worlds transfer service It will not be available 30 minutes before maintenance starts and will only be available again after maintenance ends
  • Some features of the application Final Fantasy 14 Companion It will not be available until the end of maintenance
  • info from Watch the mission Registered before this maintenance will not be accessible after this maintenance

maybe Maintenance period is adjusted ! It can last longer or shorter depending on how it goes. You can always check the state of the worlds and their maintenance on the official website (Source) to see if maintenance is still in progress.

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