FIFA 22: Here is the surprising list of the 17 teams that have been removed from the game

Once you have Fifa 22 installed on your console, do you think you can organize the World Cup before 2022? Be careful, some may be disappointed. At least 17 national teams will not participate in the game. And not least.

Expected by the throng of gamers who have already laid down their tapes and warmed up the consoles ahead of the game’s official release on October 1, Fifa 22 now details its content a little more. But some football sites have already expressed their astonishment when they discover the notable absence of many options.

If the Blues and most European teams respond ‘present’, the fact remains that fans of the Latin American dribblers and strikers from Africa may be disappointed, according to information provided this week by various niche and list-based websites. From the teams in the game that did not mention the teams listed below. Information that Electronic Arts has not currently denied.

Big absentees

In Europe, some teams will shine in their absence such as Switzerland (though it is considered one of the top eight teams in Europe), Slovenia, Bulgaria or Turkey.

On the American continent, Uruguay, Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador, Chile, Peru, Paraguay and Venezuela will not be able to take the fight.

On the African continent, Cameroon, Côte d’Ivoire, South Africa and Egypt will be involved.

On the Asian side, only India’s national team will be available.

After learning this news, Switzerland was eager to respond. “For now, we have to accept it. It’s their right, and because we don’t have an economic relationship between us, the decision is up to them,” said Adrian Arnold, director of communications for the Swiss Football Association. an offer.

At the same time, this announcement of the absence of teams led to the interaction of Internet users on social networks. Some have even gone so far as to send a red card to Electronic Arts because of these shortcomings.

If there are still a few weeks left for Fifa 22 to be shown on consoles and PC, Electronic Arts has yet to issue a press release to announce whether this decision is temporary or final for these teams.

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