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Final Fantasy 7 Remake Part 2 It is in development, however it is not yet a fixed release period and probably will not be for a while, though Producer Yoshinori Kidas is co-director with Nokki Hamakuchi They talked a little bit about it Game World And in addition, is active History During the CEDEC + Kyushu 2020 online event, they are being developed for the expected second part.

A big question about the final Fantasy 7 remake part 2Organization: Considering that the first part all takes place only within the miter, developers are more interested in understanding how they manage to make the whole world original, which is much larger than the initial setup.

Well, Square Enix aims to recreate it while maintaining the approach used Mitker, That is, trying to make it more realistic and more comprehensive. The Final Fantasy 7 remake is an example of a city and the developers were able to turn it into a realistic and vibrant place, with the opportunity to see it from above at some point to appreciate its breadth, the Hamaguchi report Same approach It will be applied to other parts of the world as well.

“In Part 2 we want to keep it Detail level Let the users change the same Mitkar experience around the world. “The co-director said the idea of ​​the developers was to meet the expectations of the players, and those who know what awaits them in Part 2 may have played the original, but a Surprise effect, Will refer to the world around the city.

Both developers pointed to one particular feature: the majority of the team in charge of the first part were original fans, while the participants in Part 2 were developers who in many cases knew the game through remakes, which could lead to one Change of perspective In the general view of the game.

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Continuity element especially in the comments of developers who already know the original Action combat system, Which has significantly changed the classic experience of Final Fantasy 7, and one can expect evolution in this sense for Final Fantasy 7 remake Part 2 as well.

Meanwhile, we expect any information about the Final Fantasy 7 remake for the PS5 in the next gen version, which appeared in the latest rumors, which may come simultaneously on the system.

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