Final Fantasy VII Remake Part 2: Yoshinori Kitase wants to make a sequel that goes beyond players’ expectations

The year 2020 has been marked for many players Final Fantasy VII remake, Is currently only released on PS4 and its temporary exclusivity will run through April 10. Pour autant, il ne s’agit là que de la premiere partie de ce projet d’envergure visant à recompter cette grande aventure ayant vu le jour en 1997. La suite est d’ores et déjà en développement, Tetsuya Nomura espérait d’ailleurs Last summer Get it as quickly as possible. It will undoubtedly be necessary to wait a while before getting anything concrete about it, however CEDEC + Kyushu 2020 Online Held at the end of this week led to A letter from Yoshinori Kitase and Naoki Hamaguchi, during which this second part of FFVII is mentionedAll with Akihiro Hino from Level 5 As the master of ceremonies.

This is through the English translation of Embed a Tweet Which we learn without much surprise the team desires Achieve the same strength as with Madgar, But for the entire original FFVII world, in terms of players’ experience. Again, the goal is alsoExceeding players’ expectations You already know the outlines of the original plot. We can also expect Improved combat systemTeam members especially liked to go about the actions the battle took.

Hamaguchi : When creating FFVIIR, we decided the entire game would take place in Midgar and created a realistic world within Midgar. For example, in the original game, you really had no idea what it would be like to view the group from a slum perspective, but we were able to visualize that in the remake. In Part 2, we want to take this kind of detail and allow users to experience the rest of the world the same way they tried with Midgar in the remake.

Hino (MC) : You mean the world outside Medghar, right?

Hamaguchi : Completely. Sadly, that’s all I can reveal about Part Two for now.

Kitas : Those who played the original game probably know what happens in the story and are curious about what happens next. However, since they know the story, it gives us the opportunity to present something that they expect that makes them think “Oh, that’s what really happened,” but also shows them something that not only surprises them but also exceeds expectations. Since we already have the original game, if we can express these elements well then it could become something users can definitely look forward to! We did that in Part 1. For those who played the first part, they already have an idea what kind of game we are making. We want to create a game that lives up to their expectations, but is also liberating in a good way.

Hino In Final Fantasy XIII, a large portion of the map consisted of a set path, but during the second half of the game the map opens to a large map. I really enjoyed this aspect, and I hope something like that happens to the second part.

everybody : * Laugh *

Hamaguchi : I took a note!

Hino : Hassan.

Hamaguchi : While I can’t talk about the details of the second part, there was an interesting change internally between the team. When we created the first part, most of the staff who wanted to join our team were fans of the original game. However, at the moment the new recruits who want to work on the game are the ones who have played the remake and want to participate specifically in Part 2. It’s great to see this new wave of employees.

Hino : For those who like the original game, do they have any specific development ideas?

Hamaguchi : The word that comes to mind is “action combat.” They tried a new type of kinetic combat system, and they want to contribute to that system as well. It is a keyword that comes to mind.

Hino : So perhaps the ideas of these employees could help develop the Business Combat System?

Hamaguchi : They definitely bring different ideas that allow us, hopefully, to create new surprises for the combat system!

Moreover, during Another paragraph From this discussion, Naoki Hamaguchi mentioned that the original game is too long and thatThey will have to add items to upcoming events to get them realistically, Like what was done in the first part. We still don’t know how many parts this mega project will contain, so anything is possible at this point.

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What is for sure is that Square Enix She recently had it I registered many brands related to the world FFVII, First in Japan and then in the rest of the world, whose titles could be linked to the second part of the remake.

While you wait for this sequel, this gives you plenty of time to discover it Final Fantasy VII remake If this is not done yet, Amazon It currently sells for 39.35 €.

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