Finally, balconies bloom with this beautiful plant even in winter, which is the envy of all neighbors

After an explosion of summer flower and plant life and beauty, the balconies and terraces now look dull and empty.
September marks a period from the beautiful and warm season to the first cold winter.
A change that will inevitably affect even the balcony of the house after the highlight of summer is certainly the scattering of tired plants and dried leaves.

So, immediately run for cover and arrange the outdoor spaces in the best possible way. Also, it is possible to live on the balcony even in winter!

Do not be put off by falling temperatures or pouring rain. With some simple tricks, we can have beautiful and elegant balconies even in winter, why not, it provokes the envy of neighbors, it adds a little pride to us.

To make our “green” corner unique and special, there are many possible solutions. For example, they are enough These flowers with golden petals To warm the autumn and complete the balcony.
To make the interior decorated and elegant, however, it is advisable to choose This is a beautiful and easy to grow plant.
Finally, for those who want to be surprised but with a touch of class and non-hurt love, here is the solution that is most effective.

Finally, balconies bloom with this beautiful plant even in winter, which is the envy of all neighbors

Some people know Bernesia Of Chile. This plant looks like a small evergreen shrub. Shrub and compact specimen giving bright green leaves and berries in pink, white or purple red. A real miracle that resists the cold and does not get too dirty.

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Shrub can grow up to one meter in height. Therefore, they are easy to place in pots and move when needed.
The berries of Bernicea ripen in autumn and last until next spring. It is very easy to grow. Always keep the soil moist. Water stagnation should be avoided completely. Depending on the quality of the soil, it is better to choose a mixture of soil, sand and peat.


One peculiarity of this plant is that it is called dioecious. Basically, the male and female reproductive organs are carried on two distinct plants. Therefore, it is better to place the male specimen near the female for fertile berry production.

In the short term, we can bloom balconies even in winter with this beautiful plant that is the envy of the neighbors.

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