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Connected Keys are smart tools that ensure you never lose your keys again. Using a Bluetooth connection, they connect to smartphones or tablets via a dedicated app. Also, if you miss something, geolocation lets you ring it.

If the object is not nearby, the map will show you exactly where it is. Due to their very light weight and small size, these little boxes easily cling to all your everyday things.

Various Functions of Connected Switches

Connected keyrings, also called trackers, allow you to geolocate your keys, because the app records where they were last collected. If the Bluetooth connection between the phone and the beacon stops, the app uses the geolocation of the tablet or smartphone to find their last location. It also allows the phone to ring from the beacon.

It is very convenient if you cannot find your smartphone, but only if you have the power key. Some models are even able to detect movements or notify other users of the loss of keys and receive an alert if the power key is found thanks to the “community” function.

Other models can also take selfies remotely, just turn on the smartphone’s self-timer via their button, very convenient for group photos from a distance.

Objects used with connected key rings

Attached keychains are designed to find keys, but can also be used to find anything you’ve attached them to, as they have a clasp or adhesive.

Thus, you can attach it to your bag, handbag, briefcase, purse, your valuable electronic things (computer, smartphone, tablet, camera, etc.), your key set, umbrella, glasses…Moreover, together they can work on The same smartphone to protect all your personal belongings.

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Some people even use it to locate their pet or children, especially in crowded places. Certainly, they improve our daily lives, especially the lives of airy people, the elderly, and people who are always in a hurry.

Benefits of Connected Keychains

Connected keys protect you from theft, because valuables such as handbags, phones, suitcases … attract envy.

So, once you are a victim of theft or pickpocketing, just open the app to find your stuff, but provided you have suspended the connected keychains. They are real. It also protects you from forgetting. Due to the lack of focus, we tend to forget our things, and with the connected key rings you find them easily.

But still, it saves you time and energy, and you won’t spend your time searching for your personal belongings, the connected keychain app is here for that!

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