Finally: WhatsApp gets a multi-device feature

WhatsApp beta users now get a new feature to use multiple devices at the same time. According to an interview given by Mark Zuckerberg at The feature should also be activated for the official WhatsApp app in the next few months. We’ll soon tell you what the new multi-device feature can do.

Up to four devices can be used

WhatsApp currently only works on one smartphone and only allows one web or desktop app at the same time. In addition, the main device must be permanently connected to the Internet in order for web applications to be used.

Of course, this has some drawbacks in everyday life. If you are using a desktop and laptop computer, you will either have to constantly scan a QR code to log in or decide to use it exclusively on one device. There is also no workable solution to using WhatsApp on a second mobile phone or tablet in parallel.

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In the future, it is assumed that it will be possible to use up to four devices simultaneously with one WhatsApp account. The use of multiple devices should also be possible when the main device is not connected to the Internet. So far, however, the beta feature is only available for web and desktop applications. Parallel use of the smartphone app on multiple devices is no longer possible in the current beta. The current feature list for multiple devices looks like this:

  • Web and desktop applications can be used on a mobile phone without the Internet.
  • Up to four devices can be used with one WhatsApp account.
  • Voice and video calls work with all linked devices.
  • Messages are still end-to-end encrypted.

Can I actually use the new multi-device feature?

Whatsapp Multi Device

Multiple devices are currently available for WhatsApp beta testers only. However, we are not currently looking for new beta testers, and according to our research, there is no way to “hack” the software. In this regard, a little patience is required.

Our rating

WhatsApp has been long overdue to introduce a multi-device feature. Connecting a user with one smartphone to one computer is not new. However, the new multi-device feature is only a step in the right direction. It is still not possible to use two smartphones or a smartphone and a tablet in parallel, only one smartphone and several computers. At least, WhatsApp is now flagging that the long-awaited feature is finally being addressed. With a bit of luck, WhatsApp will soon offer a convenient multi-device feature like Telegram. We also have Two groups are set up in Telegramwho always provide you with the latest news or current offers.


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