Find 9 infected applications to remove: Alien Risk Account and Cards

The danger is coming back Alien Bank Trojan, A virus that attacks Android smartphones in search of bank account and credit card data. This time the malware was detected in 9 applications published in the Google Play Store.

There was a checkpoint, a cyber security company, to detect and identify how the virus came to be. The virus has passed tests Play Store. Hackers are a “Drip“Invited”Claus 82“, This is the code that commands you to download the real virus. This dropper remains inactive throughout the pre-release evaluation period of use, during which time it can be prevented by anti-malware tests. L “”Click“The beginning of Glast 82 is not within the infected application, but is in the settings file hosted on the external server.

Because Alien is dangerous

Alien is a family “Malware as a service“Viruses for hire: Anyone who wants to use them for their illegal purposes only has to pay a monthly fee to those who created them, and then they get a control panel that allows them to remotely control the virus’s activity.

Born as a bank Trojan, he focuses only on that Credit cards And Current accounts, Which is now a virus capable Round spy Affected devices, even in real time. Alien is believed to be the evolution of another popular virus: Cerberus.

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One was discovered in mid-January Fake immunization use Made only to go with the Alien.

What applications are affected by Alien disease

Infected Utilities Discovered by Checkpoint 9. Here they are:

  • Cake VPN
  • Pacific VPN
  • eVPN
  • Pete Blair
  • QR / barcode scanner MAX
  • eVPN
  • Musician
  • tooltipnatorlibrary
  • QRecorder

These are VPN applications and applications, so in theory they are aimed at increasing the security of the smartphone. Google keeps them after reporting from check point Removed From its store, but those who have downloaded them before may still have it on their smartphone.

In such cases, therefore, it is necessary Remove immediately ApplicationsDownload and run a good antivirus and, above all, check current account and credit card moves ChangeRe All passwords.

Veronica Tucker

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