Find your career path with this deck of playing cards!

Discover new professions in a fun way Possible now! Vanessa Mullen, Sandra Shatgner Dupre, Virginia Hamlin, Catherine Lorenzo, coaches and coaches created a card game similar to 7 Families Revisited. And therefore, 50 professions are displayed It is divided into 5 main families: Communication – Marketing – Sales – Management – Finance – Management – Health – Wellbeing – Environment – Big Digital Data. In addition, “Challenge Cards” to test yourself on The 20 skills needed to integrate tomorrow’s world of work.

A card game to understand trading

To explore the world of tomorrow’s professions, the authors put together 4 years of research on this fun and accessible card game for everyone. “Whether you are in college, high school, higher education or beyond, it is possible Find the keys to your future career by demystifying new professions and leaving room for creativityOut of curiosity, explains Virginie Hamlin, one of the game’s authors. Playing alone or in a group, young and old will be able to discover new or emerging professions in recent years, ask themselves questions and explore the field of possibilities. » The aim of the game: to demystify new professions and understand their mechanics!

Define 50 new professions

PNG - 26.9 k growth hackerAnd the community managerAnd the Nomophobia therapist (Fear that you will end up without your mobile phone), vertical farmerAnd the space plant world… Few or unknown professions, already popular or not yet, or could (why not) appear in the near future. Virginie Hamlin adds, “There may not be certain professions, highlighted in this game, but the point is to broaden everyone’s perspectives.” The game of new professions is rather an instrument of reflection or action that will make it possible to determine the skills already acquired during his school or career and those that must be developed later. “

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Take business surveys to find your way

But it is not easy to find your way, especially in the context of crises. “To be able to orient yourself well, you first have to know yourself well,” Virginie Hamlin says. Knowing your desires, abilities, technical and human qualities… The more you get to know each other, the more you will be able to identify careers in which you can thrive. It is said that young people will change jobs on average 7 times, so to determine which jobs you will be satisfied with, it is best to get to know yourself first. “

To do this introspective work, it will also be necessary to go and interview the employees. “I encourage young people to conduct business surveys with professionals, to ask them questions about their tasks, the advantages and disadvantages of their positions, the way they work, their vision for the job…,” the coach advises. Thus they will be able to present themselves better and know the potential difficulties they may face in moving towards A specific profession.” A way to find your way before creating your professional story.

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