“Find your lot”, the cooperative outdoor treasure hunt will come to the Pyrenees-Atlantic

The concept of love on the rocks was born in the UK, and spread everywhere in France, especially in the Pyrenees with the Trouve ton galet 64, created in the spring.

Paint, hide, find pebbles. Treasure hunts for young and old alike. Have your pebbles travel during your family picnics. Trouve mon galet principle is childish. All you have to do is draw a pebble, and write the name of the group you will be sharing with on its back.

As soon as you hide it, your share of the journey disappears: the pedestrian who finds it will only have to hide it in turn, posting it on a photo as evidence on the indicated social network.

Born in the UK, concept “Love on the Rocks” It spread throughout France. The The first French group It has more than 22,000 members.

Trouve mon galet groups grew at the end of 2018 in Charente-Maritime or Lot-et-Garonne, and this year in Landes in the Gironde And at the Pyrénées-Atlantiques with a Facebook group Find my share 64launched at the end of April.

This is how we find pebbles from the local “chain” in Hédas, in Pau.

George Lansans

On the Basque Country, in Lake Morescott, in Biarritz …

FB Find my pebble 64

Some are more hidden than others.

FB Find my pebble 64

This one has not been found yet.

FB Find my pebble 64

This beautiful dancer, part of Biarritz, went to Turin …

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FB Find my pebble 64

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