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Various technical warships including Digital Foundry and DecoderThey did it first Test On top of that VRR of PS5The new functionality of the Sony console was finally introduced after a long wait, which, although implemented in principle, makes continuous improvements in the performance of the games. This is not the size of the Xbox Series X..

As reported in the special on this topic, the different update rate helps to eliminate frame-rate problems, removes screen tear and jutter, and looks at the situation, in compatible displays. Games are located.

As we have seen, the PS5 VRR does not work on all displays and someone has already thought about making a list of compatible and non-compatible TVs and monitors, especially the ones in question Limit Notably, for the Xbox Series X AMD’s FreeSync requests, it also works with HDMI 2.0 and works on a wide range of displays.

The PS5’s VRR interference range is limited to 60 Hz or 48 to 60 Hz for displays reaching 120 Hz on 48 and 120 Hz screens.

Typically, a feature called Low Framerate Compensation (LFC) doubles the frame-rate when the frame-rate drops below the 48Hz range, thus triggering VRR, but this feature should be present on the PS5. Activated by connectionSo this is only available in some games, while in others jutter events (conflicts in fluidity or speed of images) and other issues may occur, especially in non-updated ones.

Digital foundry testing has generally yielded positive results for PS5 games, with a few exceptions: Gran Turismo 7 and Horizon Forbidden West, for example, do not actually support VRR or the like. does not work. Also, on some TVs this feature may conflict with the local blur, which can lead to a loss of image quality. Generally, Digital Foundry only recommends VRR on the PS5 at 60fps, but most of the time the mark will fail.

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TechRadar’s rating is clear, according to which the feature works better but Xbox Series X | Not in S. The reasons are similar to those found by Digital Foundry: strong limit on effective use given support for the HDMI 2.1 standard and the need for patches to enable it properly (VRR activation may have even more positive effects. For games not officially supported), it does not work on PS4 games and between 120 Hz Reduce chroma to 4: 2: 2 using 4K at 120 fps.

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