Five perfect tools for all fans

Fan of the huge universe of fate? Here are five tools you should add to your collection!

The Fate brand is definitely among the biggest and most recognizable brands. Whether it’s for passion or just hearsay, it’s rare to meet someone who hasn’t heard of a series related to this title or its more famous characters, like Shirou, Saber, or Rin. The series arrived in Italy, at least for Ufotable’s substitutions for the Fate/Stay Night routes, thanks to Dynit who sponsored Unlimited Blade Works and the Heaven’s Feel trilogy. Speaking of Heaven’s Feel, here you can read our review of the third and final chapter of the trilogy that was released on Netflix in April. On the other hand, if you have already seen the movie and need further clarification for the ending, you can find a specific article with the necessary information.

However, we’re not here today to talk about the intricate lore of Kinoko Nasu but we recommend five instruments that you can’t miss in the set if you’re a fan. are you ready? let’s start!

Destiny/Stay Night: Unlimited Blade Action Chest

The first shooter should definitely be the two squares containing Unlimited Blade Works, the second track to the visual novel Stay Night, animated by Ufotable and brought to Italy thanks to Dynit.

You can buy it at this link.

Kulana Rin Tosaka

Speaking of Unlimited Blade Works, the perfect tool to collect is the necklace of Rin Tohsaka, the female protagonist of the Second Road.

You can buy it at this link.

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Excalibur and Avalon Keychain

At the same time with the Rin contract, it was also necessary to recommend this wonderful double chain with the shape of a saber sword, Excalibur on one side, on the other instead of Avalon, its sheath, which in the chain occupies a very important role, even if the lack of the first moving path It makes understanding everything more complicated.

You can buy it at this link.

Fate/Zero (manga)

Another work that can’t be missing in your collection is definitely the Fate/Zero manga, which is a transfer not of the anime but straight to the light novel, meaning there will be many original scenes or treated differently that you will definitely appreciate.

You can buy a this link first volume.

Destiny/Stay Night: Sky Sense III

We started with Unlimited Blade Works boxes, and couldn’t help but finish with Blurays dedicated to Heaven’s Feel. In this case it is the third movie, the last movie released.

You can buy it at this link.

Do any of the Commodores have any pot-themed gadgets or would you like to purchase some? Please let us know with a comment!

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