Fixed version without mortal shell PS5 update

On release New PlayStation Plus Games of December 2021, Mortal Shell developers clarify what we have already noticed from the promotional images released by Sony: Mortal shell is offered in a standard version And not the rich upgraded version for the PS5.

Mortal shell for PS4 Apparently it can be played on PlayStation 5 Backwards compatibility but 4K and 60fps support without upgrades to the upgraded version for the PS5, compatibility with DualSense and generally enhanced technology.

The update is free for original game owners but This does not apply to the PlayStation Plus version, Cannot be upgraded to a free upgraded version. This is not the first time we’ve encountered a similar situation, for example, even the PlayStation Plus version of the final Fantasy VII remake could not be updated to the Integrated version.

This month also includes the PlayStation Plus lineup Lego DC Super Villains e Godfall Challenger Edition, An abbreviated version of the game, which contains only endcom content but not propaganda. And in Asia The verdict was added to the PlayStation Plus member in December, Who knows that the SEGA game will not be one of the next candidates in the instant game collection in Western countries either.

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