Fixed vulnerability that puts user data at risk

In the last few days, something has been discovered Vulnerability In use Dictoc This allowed access to many of the users’ personal information. Report submitted Checkpoint software, But the developer team has already fixed the security flaw.

Fixed vulnerability that puts Dictoc user data at risk

Check point software Has recently released a press release announcing the impact on the social network Dictoc. Ode Vanunu, a member of the company, said in the statement: “This vulnerability may have allowed the attacker to create a comprehensive user database With that level of important information, the attacker will be able to commit various crimes such as javelin phishing. Our advice to Dictoc users is to share their personal data only when absolutely necessary, and above all to always update the operating system and applications to the latest versions. “

This security flaw would then allow attackers and fraudsters to access and obtain large amounts of sensitive user data such as personal user ID, phone number and other profile settings. However, as already mentioned, The problem seems to be solved Before it hits users directly. The team of community developers has actually released a release New update To ensure the safety of users. Dictok later commented on the situation as follows: “The security and privacy of the Dictok community is our top priority, and we appreciate the work of trusted partners such as Checkpoint in identifying potential problems so that they can be resolved before they affect users. We continue to strengthen our security by constantly updating our internal capabilities, such as investing in automation securities, and working with third parties. “

Veronica Tucker

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