Focus on haptic reactions

Tech at Free: Focus on haptic feedback

With a brief overview of the technologies that Free uses, this is an opportunity to deepen your knowledge of the world of telecommunications and, therefore, new technologies. Today, let’s talk about haptic reactions.

During the first wave of subscribers to the Freebox Delta show, the Xavier Niel player introduced the Free Devialet player with two remote controls: a classic remote with physical buttons and a more advanced touchscreen remote control. This second remote control also provides haptic feedback, i.e. vibrations generated by a motor to confirm interactions with its touch screen. Confirmation compensates for the absence of small clicks when pressing the physical buttons of a conventional remote control.

These haptic reactions are also found in touch sensitive smartphones, for example to obtain confirmation while interacting with the touch screen. This could be pressing the Android navigation buttons, opening the Delete app menu on iOS or entering with the virtual keyboard. In the field of virtual reality, vibrations at the level of gloves make it possible to embody actions with the environment perceived by the eyes thanks to the helmet. Entering an object, for example. It may also be used as part of support for the visually impaired.

Still to enrich user interactions thanks to the vibrations, we can mention the engines included in PlayStation 2 gamepads or GamePad Freebox. The vibrations make it possible to embody hits received in a combat game, blast in an action game, or collisions in a car game, in order to provide better immersion in the game.

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