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Recommended by Ubisoft Anika Grant is the new CEO of the company: This is part of a French company’s effort to restructure the human resources sector. Grand Uberil is a former human resources director and will lead the restructuring of the company Corruption Linked to the sexual behaviors of various company leaders.

Ubisoftin said: “Anika will work Improvement of the internal culture of the company It will also ensure the presence of security, respect and well-being, thus allowing each member of the team to learn, grow, and thrive. “This is pointed out to Grant”19 years of experience in human resource management In large companies active in various fields. ”

Anika Grant, Ubisoft’s new CEO

Grand Tyson was the Global HR Director for Global Markets, having previously spent three years at Uber as Senior Director of Human Resources. Yves Guillemott, CEO of Ubisoft, said: “I am delighted to welcome Anika Grant as our new CEO. Is to ensure the integration of human resources teams Strong and shared vision, implementation of innovative work methods. ”

Grant “will focus on strengthening the company’s internal culture, ensuring that teams can grow healthily in an environment that promotes respect, diversity, content and collective well-being.”

All of these are, as mentioned, part of it The company’s attempt to solve internal problems It came to light last year when several employees revealed that they had been sexually abused, abused and worked in toxic environment in various Ubisoft studios.

We also recently found out that story director Darby McDowid has left Ubisoft.

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