Fontainebleau. In the hospital, this surgical robot that will change everything

Doctors Ben Othman and Dashi deal with the new surgical robot

They came to Fontainebleau (Seine-et-Marne) for New hospital project And do not regret their choice. Doctors Karim Ben Othman and Arnaud Dacchi They found the perfect place in their new establishment, to match their enthusiasm and ambitions. “I arrived a year and a half ago on the basis of this project,” explains Dr. Benotman. We take a real leap forward, With 90% of the rooms are single, allowing the privacy of patients to be respected. The new operating room has natural light, and in terms of equipment, everything has changed.”

The major change, the most obvious and the most exciting, is the arrival of robots currently used by prostate cancer, which will gradually extend to breast cancer and all gynecological surgeries.

It is a real revolution that required a lot of training work for the employees: “ Everyone is very involved. We started training three months before the first intervention. We started in urology because we have the most device knowledge in the field, but we will rapidly expand to include colon cancer and obesity surgery.”

Dr. Benotman remotely drives the famous articulated arms of the robot
Dr. Benotman remotely drives the famous articulated arms of the robot (© RSM77 / YV)

‘We will become a cancer hospital’

The two surgeons are familiar with this tool, which is still rare in public hospitals in France, and yet it is very valuable: “It comes with a real advantage, as Dr. Benotmane explains. It will allow us to have a broad and comprehensive offer to meet the needs of the population.” They are both very excited, wanting to take advantage of the famous bot “Da Vinci” to get people talking about Fontainebleau, and to attract new practitioners “teams that will renew the practices.” Fontainebleau will become a cancer hospital ».

The service has enthusiastically taken over its new headquarters: “It’s a period of change. There was incredible energy, and we were always ahead of the schedule.”

So what does the famous robot change? “ We heal better, with a process that will be less invasive because the gestures are more subtle. We have unparalleled image quality. Arno Dacci explains that tools have a greater capacity than the human hand. Impressive, these four remote-controlled arms, like a virtual reality video game, allow you to gain precision.

Experts in the robot, surgeons must now help the rest of the team master it, in technical procedures that weren’t easy at first: “It’s a big change for staff, and here we are. To support them in this development.” With his robot star, all dreams are allowed now.

Yuan Valier

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