For a selfie with Ai Weiwei

Well, let’s dance” Ai WeiweiAfter you find the button to turn on the microphone. We expect there was no dancing at the Francisco Carolinum in Linz on Monday night. The crowd of the carefully chosen audience around the Chinese art star was too big for that. So big that it draws attention to its performance peers is Yunchang And his amazing and haunting works in the inaugural exhibition “The Golden Sunshine” (until February 20, OÖN reports) are temporarily covered.

Ai Weiwei did not come to Linz as an artist, but as a fictional character – more selfies were rarely taken at Francisco Carolinum. In addition to the wallets Thomas Stelzer, General Manager Kultur-GmbH Isolde brindle He also participated in half of the Linz art scene Gretchen Andrew The chance to meet is real. The artist’s work from California, which is about search engine art and virtual reality, will be on display on the first floor Friday. During the tour they shared a pack of Manner chips.

& # 8202;  Take a selfie with Ai Weiwei

Ai Weiwei, Gretchen Andrew

Photo: Maric

This drew attention to the plan of the director of Kultur-GmbH Alfred WedingerWho has known Ai Weiwei since the 1980s and who brought the idea for this show from his professional positions at Belvedere in Vienna to Leipzig for his realization in Linz. At Weidinger’s request, Ai Weiwei sponsored the exhibition of He Yunchang, known only as an expert in the Western world. The visit to Linz was aimed at redirecting the 64-year-old’s charisma to his self-injured colleague. Especially since he was there because of Angela step (Director of the Albertina Modern in Vienna) is preparing for a big show of Ai Weiwei’s work for March 2022.

Ai Weiwei wanted to prevent He Yunchang from performing in Linz, “Because I don’t want to see my best friend hurt himself,” he said. It’s Yunchang like a rock, it embodies pure art, nothing fake – like the Chinese food served in Europe. The objectivity and materiality of her work are similar to each other. The Chinese authorities consider He Yunchang an “unreliable citizen, a troubled person”. One too, but Ai Weiwei once spent 81 days in solitary confinement for his criticism of the system. At that time, He Yunchang protested his release. You can also come to Linz to get such an ally.

& # 8202;  Take a selfie with Ai Weiwei

Ai Weiwei and Weidinger as well as selfie in soaring noise

Photo: Maric

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