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No More Heroes Wanted Creators Since 2009 Suda 51 main character Travis Touchdown as a playable fighter in Super Smash Bros.. Exactly a year ago, his wish was only partially fulfilled, because Travis has cost more than 0.80 euros since then ME CUSTOM Available for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. “If Travis doesn’t make the jump to the Smash Bros. roster as a playable character, I’ll be developing my own Smash Bros game with Travis,” Suda51 might have thought while developing No More Heroes 3. If you haven’t finished the game yet, we’ll talk to you from now on Spoilerwarnung If you don’t want to let the surprise spoil you, like that Smash Bros.-Eastridge in a No more heroes 3 look.

It’s more than a simple Easter egg, because in the final battle of No More Heroes 3 you can expect a surprise showdown 1v1 match in Super Smash Bros. style., which is clearly based on the gameplay of the popular Nintendo beat ’em game. Suda 51 It’s now revealed that this fight started as a joke and as the evolution progressed, it actually ended with copies of Super Smash Bros. Suda51 thought this might be an issue and thought canceling the fight entirely or changing it up more often.

Suda51 initially decided that nintendo to me To callWhich, in his opinion, suddenly strengthened his back and assured him that he would take responsibility if anyone complained about her. According to Suda51, the creators have also been identified Masahiro Sakurai Fighting sequence Nice And park project. Encourage this No More Heroes director, den Smash copied fight The conclusion to No More Heroes 3, which you can watch here:

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So far, Suda51 has already created an overwhelming combination of moves for Travis – whether this increases the chances that Masahiro Sakurai will incorporate Travis Touchdown as a fighter into a potential successor to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate? This question will likely remain unanswered for many years to come.

Are you surprised that the final match of No More Heroes 3 was played in Smash Bros. style? How do you like this reference?

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