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Further Sony Finishes among companies Gender discrimination was charged, Based on the legal document filed by Emma Majo in this case, Former employee The company’s IT security analyst in the PlayStation segment, which claims that the company discriminates against female employees.

According to the indictment, Sony violates the fair wage rules established by the U.S. Equal Pay Act: “Sony discriminates against female employees, including women and those who identify as female. Compensation and promotion, Subjecting them to a male-dominated work culture “, reads a document drawn up by Majo and his lawyers.

According to the testimony of former employee Sony, her manager constantly ignored her by only responding to men, and she repeatedly expired until the episode where she was fired for no reason for promotion.

Jim Ryan, head of Sony Interactive Entertainment, has recently sided with Activision Blizzard in cases such as harassment and discrimination.

According to Majo reports, he signed on as a PlayStation employee Official complaint He received a letter of dismissal after the incident, describing the situation and the discrimination he had witnessed.

According to a former employee, Sony’s announcement that The termination of employment It is related to the closure of the internal sector of the company, but according to Majo report this issue will not stand as it is not even a part of that sector. At this point, the idea would be to expand the case until there is a class action against Sony, who, according to the accused, had his position on the PlayStation when others joined in his testimony about discrimination within the company. Also shared by other women.

For now, there are no reports about it from Sony or PlayStation. In recent days, Jim Ryan, head of Sony Interactive Entertainment, has expressed his opposition to Activision Blizzard, saying there are no definitive answers to allegations of discrimination and abuse that have arisen within publishers. The complaints were supported by Bill Spencer of Microsoft and Nintendo.

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