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Fortnight developer Epic Games has unveiled the next Operation Snowdown Challenge for the Christmas event.

Transforming the traditional Winterfest event, Operation Snowdown has daily rewards by completing festive challenges.

Finishing challenges will earn players new skins and everything from setbacks, harvesting tools, loading screens and sprays. Every day a new challenge is released.

“Jan. 18 to Jan.

By completing nine different challenges you can unlock the Snowmondo outfit, while you get the Frost Squad costume once you complete 12 missions.

Available on PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X, Xbox One, PC, Android and Nintendo Switches, the latest challenge is unlocking Snowmond Spray.

To open the spray, players must dance on five different holiday trees on the map – thankfully, not in the same game!

The challenge is easy to finish if you know where to look. As you can see from the map below, the trees are located at all the important places in Fort Knight.

The first tree (order is not important) can be found in Holy Hedges. Remember to dance in front of the tree when you see it.

The second tree is located at Salty Towers, followed by the third tree at Pleasant Park. You can dance in front of these holiday trees in the same competition.

There is a fourth tree in the orchard, while a fifth tree can be found in the Dirty Docks in the east.

There is even a sixth tree on the Crazy Cliffs, if you land in the wrong place.

If you still have trouble finding Christmas trees, check out the YouTube video below. The remaining challenges can be found further down the page.

Fortnight Operation Snowdown Challenges Complete …

Operation Complete Functional Ski Searches (9)

Operation Complete Functional Ski Searches (12)

Snow Visit different Snowmond Outposts (5)

Look for breasts in Snowmond Outposts (5)

Holiday Dance in Different Holiday Trees (5)

Get Top 10 in the Squad with Friends (3)

Destroy Ut Nutcracker Idols (5)

Deal with damage with a lever action rifle (100)

Friends Play doubles / teams with friends (5)

Travel 5,000 meters on the XX-4 Stromwings

Shoot opponent’s structures with X X-4 Stromwings (10)

Use retailer launcher to use icy feet for Opp opponents (10)

Collect Gold Wire (100)

Snow Grab a snowy flop

Update a player in different matches (3)

Hide In Sneaky Snowmobile In Different Different Matches (3)

Camp A Campfire Stoke (2)

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