Fortnight struck … Cristiano Ronaldo: Here is what happened

Even in the world of video games, Cristiano Ronaldo continues to win. Concerned neo-hippies and their global warming, i’ll tell ya

Cristiano Ronaldo observes beating Fortnight with numbers (Getty Images)

Such a winner Cristiano Ronaldo Never get tired and aim to win more and more goals. Besides the pitch, the Portuguese event for many years A living company, Capable of receiving numbers beyond all imagination in other areas. We’re talking about the crazy numbers we’ve reached in these hours Battle Royale Free Fire, Developed by Software Home, Singapore Karena.

The game is stuck with her First billion downloads, Surpassing other great giants such as Fortnight e Call of Duty Warson. This is a crazy goal, which somehow includes CR7. The Juventus striker is actually involved Advertising tactic The video game will give you the right motivation to cross such an important milestone.

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Defeated by Fortnight Freefire and CR7, this is the reason for the success

One billion downloads, numbers not found for Fortnight (Getty Images)

He fights the Royal Free fire It is more successful than other such giants Fortnight e Call of Duty Warson. But for what reason? At first its too low System requirements, Which can be run even on cheap smartphones. But low Internet connection power required, It is especially popular in Southeast Asia, South America, India and Eastern Europe.

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However, the success of the video game was facilitated Advertising tactic He saw what was involved Cristiano Ronaldo. With the role of global ambassador, forward Juventus Kareena’s game has surpassed one billion downloads.

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