Fortnite Mobile Bubble: Where to find it during ‘Vibin’ season?

The mobile bubble returns to Fortnite, and is placed on a pedestal during the season, where Epic Games has set up a veritable roller coaster, over the buried old headquarters. One of the first challenges of the season has to do with these exceptional vehicles. You will be required to travel more than 2,000 meters in one of them. This distance on board these bubbles can’t be beat, so the hardest thing is finding one that works (especially at the start of the season, when new features are very popular with players).

Best site to find animated bubbles

To find a mobile bubble, the best landing spawn is by far the site Pampucci (The former headquarters is buried).

We recommend that you land on top of the giant pink bearinside which you will find moving bubbles.

Take one of them straight, and set off on a roller coaster. All you have to do is obediently follow the path for a distance of 2000 meters to complete this challenge!

How much is this challenge worth?

This challenge earns you a modest amount of 15,000 experience points. That’s a lot, but this season the progression of the Battle Pass will be slower than before. It is better not to miss such a simple challenge.

As a reminder, many competing players will also try to take Mobile Bubbles, at the place called La Bamboche. Prefer a moving bubble instead of weapons, if you want to take on this challenge!

Patch note for update 21.00 is available. All the changes and novelties of the update can be found in this article, which will give you the keys to effectively fight your competitors and enter into fellowship with nature!

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