Forward to Guingamp. The match is missing in Roudourou – En Avant Guingamp

Ligue 2 (day 30) Gangan-Rodez: 1-1

It’s always the same story. And the question inevitably returns: What can we expect from the En Avant Guingamp that offers so little and whose technical level is so daunting? This team is not advancing and seems doomed to turn around where the volley they also find at the end of a home draw against a very paler Rodez. Even when she has the opportunity to open the recording to a static piece, she is unable to keep score and exploit some blocks, terrified of the situation she is struggling to control. Annoying.

Leborgne revenge

Because Fofana’s victorious header (1-0, 57 minutes), if not completely undeserved, was enough for Breton to confirm success at Ajaccio, a week ago, and stay above the last three. Thus, the equalizer with Jordan Leborgne (1-1, 82) was not what the club did not want to maintain despite the high performance with the reserve. Last season, the penalty came frantic and worrying at the dawn of the final. the enemy.

However, there was room to make the mark worse, but the lack of technical accuracy and a buildup of poor choices allowed Rhodes to quietly push without worrying and snatching a point.

End of season image

“It’s a disappointment because we thought we’d go on to have a second success in a row,” Frederic Bompard, the En Avant Guingamp coach, regretted it. Especially since Rhodes scored on his one chance. This team is tough to maneuver but we managed to raise their concern. One point remains, in The struggle for maintenance, one point. For me, it is precious and the content of the match sums up what the end of the season will be like. I asked the boys to raise their heads, and we know it will be difficult until the end. I believe in it and will fight to the end. I felt like the determined players today. They were. In combat. “

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A positive result contrasted with the group’s frustration that success at Corsica had revitalized to some extent. But inside, the evil is deep and this meeting crystallizes the collective boundaries of the team that has not won at home since October 19 (against Auxerre on the seventh day).

Huge limits in Roudourou

Although difficult to play like this Ruthenian team, the Guingampese problems in the game do not go back to yesterday and are thus more evident in Roudourou where almost any structured training with a minimum takes at least one point.

This results in closed matches, unimpressive at best or extremely boring at worst, making you hardly regret the closed session. Thus, the formation’s life is going through great difficulty, and its next deadlines (displacement to Troyes, then the reception of Toulouse) will give some additional indications of the color of the penalty that awaits at the end of the season.

Cultural certificate

Referee: M. Paradise.

Objectives. Gangan: Fofana (57 minutes); Rodez: Leborgne (82d).

Warnings. Guingamp: Romao (84 ‘), Piero (86’); Rodez: Doolin (53d), Leborgne (67d).

EA GUINGAMP: Basilio – Mellot, Sampaio, Romao, Palun – Ba (Phaeton, 77 ‘), Fofana, M’Changama (c.) – Livolant (Pierrot, 77’), Gomis (Pelé, 88 ‘), Rodelin. Coach: F. Bombard. Not in the game: Larsen (G), Poitty, Nyakati, Didot.

Rhodes: M’Pasi – Bardy (c.), Célestine, Chougrani – Douline – Henry, Leborgne (Dieng, 90 ‘), Boissier (Ponceau, 68’), Ouammou (Obiang, 81 ‘) – David (Dembélé, 68’ Bonnet (Ouhafsa, 68 minutes) Coach: L. Peyrelade. Not in play: Guevarch (left), Sanaa.

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